Welcome to Walden Student Wikki:

This Wikki was created to allow teachers an opportunity to share and exprress ideas about Positive Behavior Interventions, research, and topics that are relevennt to the classroom today.

This Wikki is a colloborative effort of many teachers and we would like to introduce ourselves to you:

Patricia Porter:
Hello My name is Patty and I am currently working in Texas at DeepwaterJr. High as the Structured Learning teacher for students with Autism and other cognitive disabilities. I have been teaching for 3 years and prior to that I was an educational support staff in special education. I am available from 4-7 pm every evening ( cell # 832-398-6859) and can be reached at my Walden email account (patricia.porter@waldenu.edu) . If you would like a glimpse into my classroom feel free to browse my classroom webpage at http://www.dpisd.org/195820924123919300/site/default.asp

Amy Peterson:
Hi, my name is Amy Peterson. I currently teach in Duluth, Georgia at Mason Elementary school. I have spent the last 6 years teaching a second grade general education class. The past three years I have taught students with high functioning and mild autism in an inlusion setting. I am available from 4:30-9pm weekdays and any time on the weekends. You can contact me at my Walden email account amy.peterson2@walden.edu or on my cell phone 404-583-2197.

Rylan Palmer: </

Iberia Randle:
Hello everyone!!! I am currently a special education teacher in my eighteenth year of teaching in the Mississippi Delta. I service students in grades 4-6. I am excited about working with each of you. I can be reached through my Walden email address (iberia.randle@waldenu.edu) or anytime after 5:00 p.m. by phone. My number is home phone is 662-237-0096. If I am not home, please leave a detailed message and a number where you can be reached, and I will return your call. Looking forward to this new experience, Ladies!!!!

Sheena Ridel:
Hi! This is my third year as a special education teacher in Warren, Ohio. I teach students labeled Emotionally Disturbed in grades K-2. All of my students are in inclusion classrooms so I co-teach with two other teachers. I can be reached